Courage & Design with Tommy Smythe

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Jann Arden’s talented friend Tommy Smythe joins the podcast to discuss his new Urban Barn collection. One of his recent instagram posts sparks a discussion about kindness and courage inspired by the recent shooting at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs. For 15+ years, Tommy Smythe has been travelling the world in search of lifestyle stories. His passion for design, architecture and hospitality lead him to communities and cultures of all kinds and audiences continue to grow on different platforms. Off camera, he maintains an international portfolio of private residential design projects as well as an active presence in print media. He’s been a contributor for several publications including House and Home Magazine, Chatelaine, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and National Post. Maybe you've seen him on your television, too! He’s been a part of several CTV Bell Media / HGTV productions including Sarah Off the Grid, Great Canadian Homes, and has been a guest expert everywhere from The Marilyn Denis Show to Breakfast Television.

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