Strong Men Give Way to Soft Women? | No More Strong Black Women?

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Hey Identifier,

#blackwomen #strongblackwomen #strongmen

I was not Black enough as a kid.

At least, that’s what I was often told by my classmates and, more subtly, by my family.

As soon as I entered middle school, I became obsessed with shoujo manga and anime — the type of Japanese visual media made for teen girls. Magical girls, romance stories, and cute colorful characters were my kryptonite. Every week I was in Borders (I know) spending my allowance on every volume of Tokyo Mew Mew (which was for me what Sailor Moon was for everyone else).

Yet when talking to friends at school, I hid the extent of my hobby, covering up my more girlish interests with a passing familiarity of more male-oriented titles, like Naruto. When making friends with other anime fans online, I was careful to hide my race behind cute pale-skinned avatars. Even at such a young age, I had internalized enough of society’s messaging to know what to expect if I were honest about my interests.

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The Goal: Try to Identify with you as you try to identify with me.

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