Is Deion Sanders The GREATEST SWAC Football Coach in the History???

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Deion Sanders had the usual complaints of a football coach surrounding his team’s red-zone execution, some opportunities left on the field in its homecoming win against non-conference foe Campbell University and some other elements of Jackson State’s seventh-straight win of the 2022 season and its 18th in 20 games.

“We gotta run the ball,” Sanders said on the Southwestern Athletic Conference’s weekly coaches’ Zoom. “We gotta be more aggressive with the run.

“Everyone knows we’ve got a quarterback that can spin it and wide receivers that can go get it. That’s pretty much the formula. It’s just attitude there, the ‘Red Zone’ is straight-on attitude. … We just gotta want it a lot more than they want it.”

Then Coach Prime once again embraced his platform to try to shine a greater light on not only JSU and its athletics programs but also Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

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