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I’d only met him a couple of times, so when he picked a bit of fluff from my collarbone it was definitely flirty. Just like it was when he said he liked my top—the denim butterfly one that pushed my cleavage together until there was a black line down the center. So when I found out he had a girlfriend, I felt particularly disappointed.

The next night, another guy at another party walked up to me when I was pouring a drink and laughed. “Sorry, that wasn’t at you,” he said. “I was going to say something but bottled it.” And then we joked about how “Thirsty?” was an awful opener and brainstormed other introductions that would have been more appropriate. We were getting on well, so when he put his hand out and introduced himself and I realized he was the ex of a friend (and had also slept with three others), I was disappointed all over again.

On the third night out—I was being deadly serious when I said I was going to stop being boring—I was at a friend’s birthday party. All the guys there were really hot, with little hoop earrings and sparkly eyes. Unfortunately, they were all gay. And so for the third time, I left a party empty-handed.

I’m describing a recent three-day weekend, but every night out I’ve been on in the last few months has followed one of these three basic formulas. Like a choose-your-own-adventure story where the same thing comes and ruins the happy ending every time, there are simply not enough available straight men.

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