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The Hop-Ons Podcast is an Arrested Development/Twin Peaks/Community review show. Please consider supporting the podcast by becoming a patron through Patreon.

The Hop-Ons Podcast is produced by Nice Marmot Productions with assistance from The Cluttered Desk Podcast. If you have thoughts on this episode, we’d love to hear them! Email us at or find us on Twitter @HopOnsPodcast.

Jon’s production company, Nice Marmot Productions, has an amazing YouTube Page and he’s on Twitter @marmotjon. Jon's podcast, Big Arms Podcast, is available here through Apple Podcasts. Jon's new podcast, Ride Along, is available here through Apple Podcasts.

The Cluttered Desk Podcast is available here through Apple Podcasts, on Twitter @TheCDPodcast, and on Facebook. Colin is also on Twitter @ColinAshleyCox.

We would like to thank Poppy & Persimmon for making shirts and stickers for our Patreon supporters.

We would like to thank Perry Ritter for creating the new Hop-Ons logo for this season. You can find Perry on Twitter @pritter1492 and you can email him at

Finally, we would like to thank Test Dream for providing The Hop-Ons Podcast’s theme music. You can find Test Dream at their website,, on Facebook, and on Twitter @testdream.

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