The Favorites - NFL Week 5 Betting Preview

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The calendar turns to October, the greatest betting month of the year, as Action Network hosts Chad Millman and Simon Hunter return to break down every game on the NFL Wee 5 slate. Together they select the spread bets they're already betting as Sunday looms, plus all their leans elsewhere up and down the board. We hear about Tom Brady's potential divorce, the feisty Houston Texans, a great spot to back Baltimore, and so much more. #Volume #Herd #Colincowherd

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1. DEN IND (00:08:44)

2. NYG GB (00:12:10)

3. DET NE (00:14:02)

4. PIT BUF (00:16:46)

5. MIA NYJ (00:21:14)

6. TB ATL (00:26:29)

7. SEA NO (00:30:10)

8. HOU JAX (00:32:10)

9. TEN WAS (00:35:12)

10. CHI MIN (00:38:36)

11. HOU LAC (00:42:31)

12. SF CAR (00:46:08)

13. DAL LAR (00:47:08)

14. AZ PHL (00:49:59)

15. CIN BAL (00:52:21)

16. KC LV (00:54:50)

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