The Richard Sherman Podcast - Von Miller on Josh Allen, OBJ to Buffalo Bills, Drake, & 2011 re-draft

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Richard Sherman reacts to the San Francisco 49ers win over the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football. Richard discusses how Nick Bosa is the best defensive player in the NFL, why the 49ers could have an all-time defense, and how Jimmy Garoppolo is doing a great job getting the ball out quick to Deebo Samuel. Richard concludes by touching on Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs' victory over Tom Brady & the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Richard is then joined by Buffalo Bills star pass-rusher Von Miller. The two future Hall of Famers discuss the Bills' comeback win against Lamar Jackson & the Baltimore Ravens in Week 4, the lesson Von learned from being around Drake, and the origins of Von's annual Pass Rush Summit. Later, Von discusses his new team in Buffalo, what it's like to see Josh Allen play up close & what he loves about the star QB's personality, and why Buffalo's secondary deserves more respect – especially Jordan Poyer. Richard asks Von if we can expect Odell Beckham Jr to sign with the Bills to play across from Stefon Diggs, what Von's plans are this year for his legendary Halloween party, and how long he plans on continuing his NFL career. Lastly, you don't want to miss Richard & Von re-drafting the stacked 2011 NFL Draft, a draft class that might go down as the best all-time with Sherman, Miller, JJ Watt, Julio Jones, Cam Newton, AJ Green, Cam Jordan, Tyron Smith, Patrick Peterson & more among the draftees. #volume #herd #ColinCowherd

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