Pod 171: Lindsay Lee, Justin Lee, and the Secrets of Thunderbirds

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What will you learn in this episode of the Gerry Anderson Podcast? There is a link between Thunderbirds: The Anniversary Episodes and Downton Abbey. Two major blockbusters used the same dolly as AP Films/Century 21. Some of the explosives used in the 1960s are now illegal. And much more! All these movie industry secrets are sourced from Lindsay and Justin Lee, a dynamic duo generously sharing their incredible Supermarionation experiences!

01:07 Welcome to Jamie's New Puppy Podcast!

4:25 FAB Writing Fact!

9:02 PODSTERON ALERT! New Emails!

13:01 The Gerry Anderson News! See links below

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27:40 Lindsay & Justin Lee - Part Three

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1:07:15 Chris "The Randomeister" Dale watches it so you don't have to

1:24:38 Wrapping things up!

Links Mentioned

Justin and Lindsay Lee are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as @miikshi



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New Moonbase Alpha Cosplay Tees COMING SOON

Thunderbirds Day 2021 is on the 30th of September!

How the Cancelled UFO Series 2 Became Space:1999

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