Pod 164: Five Star Five - John Lovell and the Zargon Threat

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The peaceful planet of Kestra is threatened by the warlike Zargon people. A base has been established on an impenetrable asteroid, but the beautiful Colonel Zana has a plan to prevent invasion without launching a full-scale war. Mercenary John Lovell and his lovable wise guy chimp co-pilot must assemble a crack team to launch a secret assault on the Zargons, but their plan goes awry when the Princess is captured and held hostage... Join us for one of the most exciting Anderson adventures ever written! Novelised by Richard James from the script by Tony Barwick and Gerry Anderson! To hear the exciting conclusion, pick up your copy at the Gerry Anderson Store.

01:07 It's the Gerry Anderson Podcast!

05:10 FAB Facts (cue the wah-wah guitars)

11:02 Emails from our Podsterons (AKA Listeners)

19:08 The Gerry Anderson News! See links below

23:17 From the Podsteron's Facebook group!

28:35 Five Star Five - Free First Chapter

57:47 Podsteron Tweets!

1:01:37 Chris Dale and his Amanding Randomiser! (Link to a sale below)

1:23:17 Wrapping things up!

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