S6, Episode 15 - Understanding Social Security

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Why Social Security is Important?

According to ssa.gov, the purpose of Social Security is to provide material needs of individuals and families, to protect aged and disabled persons against the expenses of illness that otherwise use up their savings, to keep family together, and to give children the chance to grow up healthy and secure.

Social Security is the most important source of U.S retirement income, so if you have parents or someone that is thinking about taking Social Security, then this podcast episode is to help them give a better understanding of what's behind it. And as they think about retirement and when to take Social Security.

In this podcast, you will…

  • Learn more about Taxes, Penalties, Retirement, Insurance, Interest, and Formulas.
  • Dave will be talking about third rails in politics, social security.
  • History of Social Security (Hint: It will broaden your knowledge about this topic)
  • The problem of Social Security
  • Educate yourself about Socialism
  • How earnings are calculated?
  • What happens with taxes?
  • What is provisional income?

If you have questions just email dave@doctorfreedompodcast.com

For all the show notes, and more, check out the podcast website at www.doctorfreedompodcast.com



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