S6, Episode 10 - How to manage online reputation with EmpathIQ

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Good to see you here at Freedom Formula for Physician Podcast!

Just a few months before 2021 will ends. Time goes by too fast.

We have to be productive, maximize our time, and enjoy the few months of 2021 with our family and friends.

So, I would like to introduce you to someone that can help you lessen your time out of your desk.

They Provide Healthcare Reputation Management for individual providers, hospitals, and healthcare organizations.

Technology has given healthcare providers the ability to reach more new patients than EVER. 94% of patients choose positively rated doctors over similarly qualified doctors because of their online reviews.

I would like to present to you, Avalon Hartman with EMPHATHIQ.IO – a platform that increases your visibility online to make sure that NEW PATIENTS CAN FIND YOU and EXPERIENCE YOUR CARE.

A little insight about them

  • Allows you to send a personalized link to your patient that directs them to the review sites that matter most to your practice.
  • The reviews you receive from all online resources will be featured here in one easy-to-navigate page that will give new patients confidence in your services.
  • Their listing connector puts in control of your data across 50+ directory sites to ensure patients can easily find you.
  • Making it easier to get more online reviews with less effort

In this episode, you will…

  • More details about EmpathIQ (Different Functionality)
  • Be educated about managing your reputation online
  • How to handle negative reviews
  • Does EmpathIQ post multiple places?
  • Keeping track of these kinds of things is hard, how do they do this?
  • Listen to their ways to make people leave a review for you
  • Learn more about what’s gonna happen when people give you a negative review.
  • Insight about how many reviews can someone have?

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Contact number: 858-375-5686


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