Ali Hamam: Tahini's Restaurant Chain Adopts A Bitcoin Standard - FDP28

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Ali Hamam is the owner/ operator of Tahini’s restaurant group, an emerging chain of middle eastern cuisine restaurants based in London, Ontario, Canada. As you’re about to hear, Ali is one of the most forward thinking restaurant owners I've had the privilege of sitting down with to discuss the greatest challenges business owners face today and some options restaurant operators have to protect their savings while we enter uncharted economic territory. We discuss resiliency during the global pandemic, adapting to a changing industry, Bitcoin as a savings device, and why Tahini's moved their cash reserves into Bitcoin, making Tahini’s the first restaurant chain on the planet to adopt a Bitcoin standard. This was an incredibly informative episode, and I’d say the most important one we've recorded to date when you consider the economic and financial challenges that we’re all up against in the foodservice and hospitality industries. This episode pairs best with an Interurban IPA from Fremont Brewing. Feel free to reach out on twitter @foodservicepod or shoot me an email at Remember to get outside! Cheers, David @dmlayt Links from the show: Square's Bitcoin Investment Whitepaper MicroStrategy website and Bitcoin research Ali's Book Recommendations: The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous The Internet Of Money by Andreas Antonopoulis The Price of Tomorrow by Jeff Booth --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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