Thye Flip Side #58 - Owning Your Time and Career @Ad Tech Senior Sales w/Orsi Toth-Pal

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Today I’ll be taking you to the Flip Side with our returning guest, Orsi! In this episode we talk about scheduling (how to own your time), giving value to your audience (rewards), breathing, owning your time and career as well as the benefits of mentorship. Orsi also shares stories about the industry debate club, breathing workshops, social exhaustion, and giving feedback at work.

These and more are in today’s episode, “Owning Your Time and Career @Yahoo Senior Sales w/Orsi Toth-Pal”.

00:00 Intro

00:10 Welcome Back Orsi

01:30 Chief Entertainment Officer

02:00 The Industry Debate Club

07:20 The Coogee Network

08:25 Taking Pressure Off

09:50 A Bit Of A Yes Girl

11:40 Lockdown Realisations

13:05 Structured Time-Off

15:20 Calendar Bookings

19:15 How To Own Your Time

21:50 Creating Content

24:50 How To Give Value Back

28:00 Crypto Games

29:05 What Do I Value

30:15 Breathing Workshop

33:25 Winter Morning Swim

35:15 Cold Showers

37:40 Getting Out Of The Comfort Zones

38:45 How We Are As Parents

40:40 Avon Cosmetics

41:30 Open And Honest Conversations

42:30 Social Exhaustion

44:00 Owning Your Career

47:00 Mentorship

48:40 Giving Feedback

51:00 Outro

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