The Flip Side #97 - $500k Sales in Linkedin Crafting Amazing Offers & Funnels w/ Persuasion Experience Director & The Oodie Former CRO & Funnels Matt Craike

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Matt Craike is the Director of Persuasion Experience, a marketing system that helps 7 & 8-figure companies hit their next level of growth. He was also the former Head of CRO & Funnels at The Oodie.

Matt has a background in accounting and filmmaking. He'd been dropped off into 120+ industries to create new marketing campaigns that stand out and convert.

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00:00 Intro

00:20 Meet Matt Craike

01:35 Linkedin Wealth Attraction

03:20 Persuasion Experience 2.0

04:40 Why Youtube Ads

05:50 How To Build An Awesome Lead Magnet

08:15 Make Your Copy Consumable

09:20 Ideal Clients

10:30 Free Demo & Free Trials

11:40 Digital Marketing Equation

13:15 Tunnel Vision vs Funnel Vision

15:15 Working With Existing Business

16:00 3 Ways To Grow A Business

18:25 Business Bottlenecks

19:20 Insurance Policy

20:25 Most Dangerous Number In Business

22:30 Changing The Way People Think

24:00 Advise To Consultants

25:00 Creating A Good Offer

28:45 Best Sales Process

29:20 B.A.N.T.

30:45 How To Do Well In Linkedin

33:20 Working At The Oodie

35:40 The Right Testing Philosophy

38:00 A/B Testing Duration

40:00 Conversion Rate Optimisation

41:50 Davie Fogarty

44:05 Hiring A CRO

45:05 You Should Test That

46:05 Putting Yourself Out There

47:40 Outro

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