The Flip Side #95 - Love Island AUS S1 Teddy Briggs Turned Ecommerce Entrepreneur & Why He Left His Finance Job

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Teddy Briggs is a former reality star, model, and financier turned E-commerce mogul. He grew up in Adelaide, Australia, and is currently living in Queensland. For a couple of years now, Teddy has been doing e-commerce full time and for the last several months he's been helping other people follow in his footsteps; quit their 9-5 jobs, and create 24/7 online income in a matter of weeks!

Teddy's mission is to master life in all areas and empower others to do the same in their own unique way. He wants to help people wake up in the morning with a smile on their faces, excited for what the day has to offer.

Get in touch with Teddy and start your eCommerce career at IG: @teddybriggs_


00:00 Intro

00:25 Meet Teddy Briggs

01:30 Done For You Ecom

03:00 Ecom Experience

03:45 Working In Finance

04:40 BFF Eli Dangerfield

05:30 Life After Love Island

07:30 Be Good At Trying

09:45 Clients From Instagram

12:15 How To Get More IG Followers

13:55 How To Convert Followers

15:25 Solutions For Objections

17:45 Side Gigs

18:50 Telemarketing Job

19:30 Right Car Wrong Salesman

23:00 Life As An Entrepreneur

24:35 Having A Good Friend Group

25:20 Ear To The Ground

27:20 Dropshipping Business

28:35 Why I Hate General Stores

30:10 Facebook vs TikTok

31:20 Doing Due Diligence

32:45 Future Plans

34:20 Success Journey

35:50 Teddy’s Great Advice

38:30 Why Being Busy Is Bad

40:10 Maintaining Balance

43:15 Sleep Hack

45:00 CBD For Sleep

46:15 Modafinil

48:05 Short Attention Span Syndrome

50:00 IG Flexing

53:25 Outro

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