The Flip Side #89 - Netflix’s The Negotiators, 400+ Critical Situations, Financial Crimes w/Author, Speaker & Negotiation Coach Steve York

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Steve York, better known as Australia's Best Hostage Negotiator has worked as the Commander of Hostage Negotiations at the New South Wales Police for over ten years and has personally negotiated over 400 critical situations. After 20 years of working in the NSW Police Crisis Negotiation Task Force, he decided to come out of his own way to share his wisdom and provide life-changing training/seminars for people who influence behavior, may it be in the corporate world or not.

He is the co-author of an Amazon best-selling book ‘Negotiation Evolved’ that offers a comprehensive approach to negotiation and influence that can be applied in every situation, from large commercial deals to romantic partnerships and even hostage crises. He is currently completing his second in the area of high-risk negotiation, tentatively titled ‘Crisis Negotiation Evolved’.

Steve has been featured on Netflix, Sky News, and SBS. He has lectured and provided training to government agencies, universities, and private companies across the globe. He has a Master of Science (Risk) from Leicester University, a Master of Dispute Resolution, UTS, and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Director. He continues to give lectures in universities regarding conflict and negotiation skills.

Steve is a tough guy from the outside but thoughtful on the inside. His experiences truly shaped who he is now as a person and aims to share these best practices with the world. He believes that “Words Change People’s Lives” that’s why he pushes forward in this quest in the hopes of helping people gain the mindset, insights, and tools to increase rapport, trust, value, understanding, agreement, commitment, and satisfaction in every negotiation.

Visit to know more about Steve York.


00:00 Intro

00:30 Meet Steve York

07:45 What Is Financial Crime

09:50 Romance Crime

10:55 Bank Transfer Safety & Security

15:20 Debit Cards vs Credit Cards

17:25 Blockchain Safety & Security

20:10 Police Health Enforcement

23:40 Cultural Negotiations

27:30 Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

28:10 Working In The Philippines

30:30 War Journalist Training

32:55 Law Enforcement vs Corporate Work

35:00 Lessons From The Police Force

36:50 Is Australia A Safe Country?

39:15 Walk With Purpose

41:40 Charles Bridge Pickockets

42:15 How To Overcome Trauma

45:10 The Exceptional Mike Horn

47:40 Getting Lost in New Caledonia

50:05 The Butterfly Feeling

52:30 How To Train Negotiators

54:30 Isomorphic Learning

55:40 Why I Want To Do It

57:10 Everyone’s Everest

58:30 Why I Didn’t Give Up

01:00:10 Outro

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