The Flip Side #87 - Success As A Lawyer Through Social Media, Speaker & Founder of Law and Broader Chrissie Wolfe

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Chrissie Wolfe is the founder of Law and Broader, a keynote speaker, Solicitor of The Year 2019, Woman of The Year 2019, and Highly Commended Junior Lawyer of the Year 2018 & 2019.

Alongside the above, she regularly guest lectures and speaks at national and global events on topics including legal education, diversity and inclusion, mental health and well-being, innovation and technology, and social media marketing.

In this episode, Chrissie shares her success story as a lawyer through social media!

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00:00 Intro

00:20 Moving To Dubai

01:20 Meet Chrissie Wolfe

02:30 Intellectual Property Law

03:45 Law Conversion Course

05:30 Personal Injury & Medical Negligence Work

07:00 Law & Broader

08:55 How My Channel Grew

09:35 Going Freelance

10:25 Becoming A Consultant

11:10 The Digital Legal Exchange

12:20 Consulting vs Coaching

13:15 Booking Sources

14:35 How To Get Clients From LinkedIn

17:00 Booking Influx

19:30 Diversifying Income Sources

21:10 Getting Leads From TikTok

22:05 The TikTok Lawyer

24:00 Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp

26:10 IG Live & Webinars

29:30 Why Instagram Is Frustrating

31:10 How To Increase IG Followers

32:30 Transitioning To Digital Space

35:00 The Digital Phase Of Legal

36:00 What Digital Means

38:10 Pain Points

40:55 The Laws Of The Metaverse

42:05 How To Get Speaking Gigs

44:40 Consulting Packages

48:00 Value Of Time

49:50 No Win No Fee

53:00 Lawyer Compensation

53:40 Outro

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