The Flip Side #83 - Releasing Negative Emotions & Transforming Yourself w/ The Sedona Method Coach. Artist & Designer Shoval Aloni

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Shoval Aloni is a practitioner of The Sedona Method, Release Technique, Access Bars, Somatic Psychotherapy, and Frequencies of Brilliance. She is also a successful artist and designer. In this episode, Shoval shares some techniques for releasing negative emotions and transforming ourselves!

Shoval facilitates workshops and private sessions via Zoom or Skype Get in touch with Shoval at:


Facebook Art page:


YouTube channel:



00:00 Intro

00:25 Meet Shoval Aloni

01:30 Who Is Myoko

02:40 Finding The Meaning Of Life

05:20 Somatic Psychotherapy

06:25 Frequencies Of Brilliance

08:40 I Want To Know The Truth

12:00 The Oops Method

13:25 The Need For Control

14:30 The Sedona Method

16:00 Patterns Of Consciousness

17:50 Life Is Us

18:30 States Of Consciousness

20:35 What Is Luck

21:40 The Art Of Letting Go

23:10 Being Free

25:25 Developing The New You

27:10 I Am

28:40 Our Brain

31:50 The Resistance

34:20 Waves Of Inspirations

36:10 Energy Addiction

38:00 I & Me

39:30 Developing The Master

42:45 Happiness

44:15 Controlling The Master

45:30 The Operant Power

49:00 Seeking A Partner

51:15 Building The New I Am

53:20 Opportunity For Growth

55:30 Making Decisions

57:40 Listen To Your Passion

59:10 Taking The Leap

01:01:20 Humour Me

01:03:00 The Mind Can’t Help You

01:05:00 It Should Be Okay

01:07:15 Trusting Life

01:08:40 Life Is Generous

01:13:00 Being In The Picture

01:13:55 Sense Of Knowing

01:15:35 Imagination Is Key

01:18:15 The Israeli Soldier

01:20:20 The Power Of Gentleness

01:23:15 Think & Build What You Want

01:24:15 Easy With Decisions

01:26:30 Forget The Past

01:27:40 Letting Go Techniques

01:29:00 The Simplicity Of Life

01:31:10 Opening Up

01:33:30 Changing The Past

01:38:40 Love & Compassion

01:40:00 We Are Okay

01:43:35 Love Sees The World Differently

01:46:30 Outro

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