The Flip Side #80 - How To Go From $0 To $200,000 MRR Service/Software Business w/ Roosterly Founder & CEO Irfan Jafrey

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For over 10 years, Irfan has built and managed social media for the same executives you often see on magazine covers. His work has been featured in International Business Times and he also writes for Forbes and CIO. Irfan’s mission is to position clients to win more opportunities: Growing your online presence through engaging content and building your credibility as an expert in your field.

Join Andy Mai and his special guest Irfan Jafrey as they navigate the business of social media management and creating curated content for busy entrepreneurs.

Connect with Irfan Jafrey: or

Episode Chapters:

00:00 Intro

00:20 Meet Irfan Jafrey

02:15 Roosterly Explained

05:50 How To Curate Content

07:50 Interactive Communications

08:50 Decoding Algorithms

10:30 Content Creation

11:30 Content Sourcing

13:25 Posting Duplicate Content

15:20 Content Library

16:55 Building Efficient Systems

19:20 Outsourcing Employees

21:40 Time Is KPI

23:40 Customer Retention

27:40 Client Onboarding Costs

29:40 Optimize For Appointment

31:10 Show Up Rates

32:55 Sales Training

34:10 Upselling

35:50 Business Time Management

38:00 Technology Shelf Life

40:00 Best Pricing Model

42:10 Free Trial Period

44:50 Goodwill Gesture

46:15 Business Roadblocks

47:50 Personal Support Group

49:00 The Future Of Roosterly

50:40 Outro

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