The Flip Side #79 - Finding Peace & Purpose w/ Afghan War Vet, Author & Hermit Radio Founder Cameron Harman

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In this episode, Cameron shares his inspiring story of finding peace and purpose. Cameron is a Veteran of the U.S. Army, he served in Afghanistan from 2011to 2012. Cameron is also the founder and host of the Hermit Radio podcast. He writes articles about spirituality and meditation. He’s the author of the acclaimed book “Caveman To Philosopher”. Cameron believes that helping people realize their true potential is his life purpose.

Join Andy Mai and his special guest Cameron Harman in a life-changing episode of The Flip Side podcast!

Visit to know more about Cameron.


00:00 Intro

00:15 Working With Australian Soldiers

01:10 Meet Cameron Harman

02:40 Coming Out From The Army

04:00 Re-enlisting In The Army

05:10 The Super Bowl

06:10 MOS

08:05 IED

10:15 Calm & Zen State

11:30 The Military Environment

12:30 Emulating Superiors

14:55 Like A Baseball Team

16:45 US Miltary Requirements

18:10 The Catalyst For Change

19:15 Talking To Myself

20:20 Dangers Of Self-blame

21:25 Blame vs Responsibility

23:35 Is This Meaningful

24:40 Finding Your Why

26:10 You Decide Your Purpose

27:40 The Therapist

29:30 The Enlightenment Phase

31:10 Self-Realization

34:30 The Buddhist Principles

36:00 What Is Experimentation

37:30 Speaking From The Heart

39:50 Reason For Growth

41:25 Don’t Beat Yourself Up

42:10 Finding Happiness

43:20 Self-Reflection

45:00 Addictions & Attachment

48:15 The Power of Reading

49:35 The Monkey Mind

50:30 Focused Contemplation Time

52:30 Focus & Attention

54:00 Hermit Radio

56:10 Caveman To Philosopher

58:00 How To Fight Loneliness

01:00:10 Why Relationships Are A Problem

01:03:30 Belongingness

01:05:50 Changing Friends

01:08:00 Finding The Right Fit

01:09:30 Becoming A Psychotherapist

01:10:25 Podcast Evolution

01:12:00 Podcast Reach

01:12:50 Growing A Podcast


01:16:00 A Valley With Two Peaks

01:19:00 A Reflection Of Subconscious

01:21:10 The Parable Of The Mind

01:23:40 Outro

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