The Flip Side #78 - Outsourcing Remote Executive Assistants For Small Business Owners w/ 2xYou CEO Le-an Lai Lacaba

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Le-an Lai Lacaba is the CEO and Co-Founder of 2xYou, an outsourcing company that specializes in hiring, managing, and growing remote executive assistants for solopreneurs and small business owners. She has been working from home since she was 15, published her own book at 18, became CEO at 20, and partnered up with her boss to start 2xYou Executive Services at 23 which aims to help 10,000 entrepreneurs grow remotely, and 1 Million Filipinos to work from home. She also has a coaching brand on Youtube, where she trains Virtual Assistants on how to work from home. She is also an international speaker, and a content creation monster who has a blog, a Youtube channel, and an upcoming book, Scale You.

Join Andy Mai and his special guest Le-an in another inspiring episode of The Flip Side podcast!

To connect with Le-an, follow these links:


00:00 Intro

00:20 Meet Le-an Lai Lacaba

01:05 How 2xYou Started

01:50 How 2xYou Works

03:20 Joining An Accelerator

04:10 1on1 Works Best

05:10 Knowing Everything

05:50 The Client List

06:30 Setting Up Systems

07:00 Having A Good Mentor

08:00 Finding New Recruits

08:55 Making A Company Attractive

09:55 Career Coaching Calls

11:20 VA Salary Increase

12:40 Economic Arbitrage

13:50 LinkedIn Outreach

14:30 Open Contract Policy

15:45 Client Lifespan

16:30 Executive Assistant vs Virtual Assistant

17:50 Client-Assistant Communications

18:30 Building A Company During The Pandemic

19:50 Growing A Personal Brand

21:05 Mental Health Struggles

22:15 Coming Out Of The Struggles

24:05 Coping Mechanisms

25:25 How To Wallow

29:30 Seeing Things In Black & White

31:00 Building A Team

32:50 Open Line Of Communications

35:15 Setting A Company Culture

37:40 Hiring & Firing Employees

39:45 How To Handle Employees Leaving

41:10 How To Get Employees To Open Up

42:30 Asking The Right Questions

43:05 Client’s Systems

44:20 Scaling 2xYou

47:10 Work-Life Balance

48:30 Remote Working

50:30 Outro

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