The Flip Side #74: $500K Sales In Coaching w/ Millionaire Mindset Coach Lowina Blackman

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Lowina Blackman is an online conscious money mindset coach. In 2021, she made $500,000 in revenue. She helps small business owners to clear their money blocks, embrace their passions to create financial independence!

Lowina specializes in holistic mindset coaching which is improving all dimensions: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level, so you can thrive in life, make more money, have more time, and be happier!

Know more about Lowina Blackman at


00:00 Intro

00:00 Meet Lowina Blackman

01:40 Ocean Floor Music

03:45 Fashion NFT

05:45 How To Create NFT

08:15 Gundam NFT

09:50 Millionnaire Maker

11:30 Law of Attraction

12:40 Outsourcing

13:50 Depressed Husband

15:00 Spreading Love

16:30 Who Is Tony Robbins

17:45 How I Made $500,000

19:40 Selling Is Key

20:25 Changing Identity

21:45 The Ascension Model

24:00 How To Find Clients

25:15 Sales Is Service

26:40 The Need To Open Up

27:00 Getting Leads

28:19 Be, Do, Have Model

29:40 The Number Game

30:25 How To Manifest $500K

33:40 You Need To Be Ready

35:30 The Flow

36:40 Financial Stability

38:00 The Power Of Meditation

39:25 Fashion Icons

40:40 Real & Authentic Women

42:30 Core Values

45:30 Introvertness

48:10 The Heart & Ego Connection

50:00 The Fear Energy

50:50 The 5D World

52:20 Reincarnation

53:10 Our Main Soul Purpose

55:30 What Covid Taught Me

56:45 Energy Management

59:50 Why We Struggle

01:01:20 Why We Need To Slow Down

01:02:40 How To Thrive

01:04:10 Learn How To Focus

01:05:30 Going Back To Nature

01:06:15 The God Particle

01:08:50 Going With The Flow

01:10:10 Letting Go

01:11:50 Automating Life

01:12:50 Sovereignty

01:15:10 Decluttering

01:16:00 Outro

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