The Flip Side #67: Avoiding Confrontations & The Value Of Being Blunt

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Join Andy and Krishn on another trip to the Flip Side! Today’s episode is all about honesty. This brand new year, we looked back at our personal struggles, business frustrations and set brand new resolutions for 2022. We also discuss Krishn’s recent bout with Covid19; how we got it and how he survived the coronavirus infection. Andy also shares the journey of finding who you are and the value of being blunt.

Episode Transcript

00:00 Intro
00:30 Happy New Year!
00:50 The Year That Was 2021
01:45 Rebuilding Programs
04:00 Being Blunt
05:45 Business Frustrations
08:00 Second Guessing
09:00 Trip To Avon Dam
10:05 Bluntly Nice
11:15 Ignorance Is Bliss
13:00 Avoiding Unnecessary Confrontation
15:00 Kanye & Drake
16:00 The Journey Of Finding Who You Are
18:25 Ruffling Feathers
20:00 Patient Therapist Relationship
21:40 Keeping It Private
22:50 I Had Covid
23:05 How I Got The Coronavirus
24:00 Covid19 Symptoms
25:00 Quarantine Period
27:00 Familial Covid Scare
28:00 Getting Tested For Covid
29:00 2022 New Year’s Resolution
32:55 Giving Away Free Pass
34:20 Fake No More
35:10 Logan Paul vs KSI
36:00 Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley
36:40 The Sidemen
38:30 Thinking Out Loud
40:50 Point Of Views
41:50 Finding The Balance
43:40 Respecting Opinions
46:50 A Bit Ruthless
48:00 Perfect Podcast Length
50:00 Short Form Contents
52:20 Outro

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