The Flip Side #61 - E3 Method: Multi-Million Dollar In Sales w/Best-Selling Author Drewbie Wilson

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Today’s special guest is the best-selling author, podcast producer, digital course creator, and multi-million dollar sales producer, Drewbie Wilson! In this episode, Drewbie indulges us with his entrepreneurial journey, key important lessons from his best-selling book “Crushing The Day”, and the secret sauce to his success so far. Drewbie is also the Vice President of the Break Free Academy and Ryan Stewman’s protege.

These and more in today’s episode of the Flip Side, “E3 Method: Multi-Million Dollar In Sales w/Best-Selling Author Drewbie Wilson”.

Find out more about Drewbie Wilson at:

00:00 Intro
00:20 Meet Drewbie Wilson
00:50 Working At A Retail Cigar Shop
02:30 The Art Of Upselling
03:35 10 Years Of Drewbie
04:50 Selling Furniture
05:30 Selling Insurance
06:00 Online Marketing & Lead Generation
06:40 The Hardcore Closer
07:40 Coaching & Consulting
08:15 Favourite Part Of Sales
09:25 Attraction Marketing
10:35 Sales Follow Up Specialty
13:10 The E3 Method
15:40 The Ryan Stewman Connection
18:15 The Four To Six Month Window
20:00 The Gold Leads
21:40 Handling Customer Disputes
24:15 Sales Is A Mindset Thing
26:55 How To Close A Sale
30:20 Drewbie’s Book Writing Process
32:30 Why Imposter Syndrome Is A Good Thing
34:30 How To Write A Best Selling Book
37:10 The G Code
40:20 Drewbie’s Daily Routine
43:15 Why People Get Burnt Out
46:50 Holiday Spontaneity
48:35 The Calendar Is My Boss
49:50 Sales Is A Battle
51:35 Planning A Family Getaway
53:15 Outro

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