The Flip Side #60 - Best NFTs To Buy & The Friendship Formula.

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Tag along with Andy and Krishn in another adventure to the Flip-Side!Tonight our favourite hosts explore the world of NFTs and share the best NFTs to buy and the friendship formula. They also share the best places to go for a holiday, discover interesting hobbies and talk about current trends!

These and more in tonight’s episode. “Best NFTs To Buy & The Friendship Formula “.

00:00 Intro
00:20 Buying NFTs
02:15 Gas Fees
03:35 The NFT Market
04:50 Andy’s NFT Portfolio
06:20 Krishn’s Work Holiday
07:25 Overseas Trip Plans
10:10 Hadza Tribe Of Tanzania
11:30 David Choe Hunts Gorillas
12:15 Kidnapping Fetish
14:25 To Do List
15:20 Ver3
16:35 Raising Chickens
17:15 Francis Bourgeois Trainspotter
18:00 Weird Side Of TikTok
19:05 Down Syndrome Cooking
19:50 PornHub Series
20:25 Vlogging On The Hub
21:40 Johnny Sims For
23:35 Andy’s Friendship Formula
30:25 Why I Don’t Drink
33:10 How Law Of Attraction Works
35:40 When Will It End
39:50 Random Weekend Encounters
42:20 Aaron Chen Comedy
43:20 Jobkeeper Payment Program
44:05 Massive Economic Crash
44:50 Outro

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