The Flip Side #59 - Mike Kelly on The Beauty Of Surrendering & Letting Go

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Tag along with Andy and our special guest host, Mike Kelly on another journey to the Flip Side! In today’s episode, we mellow down on business topics and focus on our well-being and spiritual journeys. Mike shares his expertise on the beauty of surrendering and letting go, how to fulfill your best potential, chasing happiness, and living your best life. We also discuss the power of living in the moment and making the most out of your life. Mike believes there are only three steps to life; turn up, do your best and let go of the outcome!

This is episode 59 of the Flip Side, “Mike Kelly on the Beauty of Surrendering & Letting Go”.

00:00 Intro
00:30 Personal Downtime
01:15 The Power Of Meditation
02:10 Psychedelics & Ego
03:20 Letting It All Go
04:20 Living A Spiritual Life
05:10 The Power Of Now
07:55 Shower Thoughts
10:15 Where Do Good Ideas Come From
11:30 Self-Consultation Process
13:35 Trawl Fishing
14:50 How To Self-Consult
16:40 Conversations With The Right Person
16:50 Hiring An Appointment Setter
22:30 Pre-qualification Process
29:30 Self-Belief & Consistency
31:45 Breath Of Fresh Air
34:25 Best Way To Be Valuable
35:00 No Time For BS
36:45 People Filtering
37:35 Time Is Valuable
40:05 Happiness Of Being The Best
41:20 The Surrender Experiment
44:00 Fulfilling Your Potential
46:00 Surrendering
47:00 Making The Most Out Of Your Life
49:45 The Beauty Of Surrender
51:25 Life In Three Steps
53:00 Finding Your Uniqueness
54:45 Going With The Flow
56:00 Going Against The Current
58:15 Reluctance to Surrender
1:00:00 Real Happiness
1:01:50 Meditation Explained
1:05:35 Outro

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