The Flip Side #56 - Why Kylee Angelika Chose A 6-Figure Lash Business Over Nursing.

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Plunge into another wild ride with Krishn and Andy together with our gorgeous guest Kylee to the Flip-Side!In this episode, lash and make-up artist Kylee shares her journey from dropping out of uni to building a 6 figure beauty business. She also tells us her struggles in building a beauty brand, her mission to help others, and making her parents proud. These and more in episode 56 of the Flip Side, “Why Kylee Angelika Chose A 6-Figure Lash Business Over Nursing”.

00:00 Intro
00:30 Lockdown Blues
02:00 Meet Lash Artist Kylee
03:40 So American
04:30 Why Filos Are Good at English
06:00 Instagram Influencers
07:10 I Dreamt To Be A Nurse
10:20 I Hated Uni
11:05 Pick Packing
12:20 You Shouldn’t Be A Nurse
13:25 Dropping Out
15:05 My Sister’s A Musician
16:50 Preconceived Ideas
17:35 The Golden Child
19:05 Beauty In Lockdown
22:20 Meeting New People
25:45 Clients Reception At Home
27:30 Why People Pay For Beauty
29:20 Lash 101
31:50 Lash Fanning
34:00 Guy Clients
34:40 Glam With K
38:30 The Evolution of Kylee
40:45 Wispy Style Lash
42:05 Affordable Luxury Services
43:40 Kylee Beauty School
46:00 Eyelash Upkeep
47:15 Lash Life Cycle
48:50 The Silent Appointment
50:40 Mental & Emotional Toll
54:10 Emotional Resilience
56:05 Weekend Gigs
57:30 Textiles With K
59:55 What’s Next For Kylee
1:01:15 Mentoring Junior Artists
1:03:30 Kylee Stock
1:04:00 Outro

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