The Flip Side #55 - Gaining 4 Million Followers On TikTok 1 YEAR w/Fash

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Hop into another adventure with Andy and Krishn together with our very special guest star, Fash to the Flip Side! In this episode, we talk about Fash’s rise to fame and how he achieved 4.2 million followers on TikTok in one year! Fash also shares his insights on finding your purpose, giving back to his fans and the future of his music career. These and more in episode 55 of the Flip Side!

00:00 Intro
00:50 4M TikTok Followers
02:15 Fash Morning Routine
04:30 Learning A New Language
06:50 Coming Out Of Lockdown
10:10 The Classic Andy Staple
12:40 Day Drinking
14:00 The Social Construct
15:40 The Happiest People
18:00 What Makes You Happy
19:55 What’s The Point
21:50 Living In The Moment
23:45 Most Followed TikTok Star In Australia
26:20 Finding Your Purpose
28:25 The TikTok Algorithm
30:40 How To Grow Your TikTok Followers
32:50 Be Yourself
34:30 Real Genuine Friends
35:20 Providing Online Entertainment
37:40 Figuring Out Yourself
40:35 Know Yourself
42:20 The Great Pretenders
43:00 Being A Chameleon
44:10 There’s A Time & Place For Everything
47:10 Different Variations Of Yourself
49:10 ROI Date
52:10 Fash Music Career
54:10 Love Nwantiti
56:15 Tiktok For Success
58:05 Creating Viral Contents
01:00:00 Meme Sells
01:01:30 Consumer-centric Business
01:02:30 Everything Is On TikTok
01:03:50 The Music of The Kid Laroi
01:05:55 Charlie Puth’s TikTok
01:08:15 Traditional Music Artists
01:09:30 The Kid Laroi’s Work Ethics
01:10:55 Fash vs The Kid Laroi
01:12:05 Focus & Clarity
01:13:35 Giving Back To Fans
01:17:20 Outro

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