The Flip Side #54 - Breaking The Mold w/ Waevz Co-Founder Amit Pala

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Join Andy and Krishn on another awesome ride to the Flip Side with an equally awesome guest, actor and Waevz co-founder Amit Pala! In this episode, we talk about Amit’s career as an actor, and managing Waevz while pursuing higher education at the same time. We also touch on Asian representation on mainstream television, breaking the mold in the industry and much more!

This is episode 54 of the Flip Side, “Breaking The Mold w/ Waevz Co-founder Amit Pala”.

00:00 Intro
00:50 How I Meet Amit
02:05 Introducing Amit Pala
03:00 The Hair That Fits
04:00 Working At Kmart
08:05 The ABC Drama Lead Role
11:10 RackaRacka
12:00 Asian Representation
13:30 Breaking The Mold
17:05 The Audition Process
20:30 Taking A Gap Year
22:30 Finishing University
24:20 Waevz AU
27:30 Growing The Community
29:30 Putting Eggs In Different Baskets
30:30 Industry Connections
31:40 Music Appreciation
33:15 On The Right Track
35:00 Artist Collaboration
36:35 The Next Waevz
39:20 Phil Fresh
39:50 Hamza
42:40 Are You An Entrepreneur
45:20 Pursuing Passion
47:10 Outro

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