The Flip Side #53 - $2,000,000 in Crypto at 19 Years Old w/ Curtis Chen

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Join Andy and Krishn in another exciting journey to the Flip Side! In this episode, we welcome Curtis Chen, a 19-year-old Bitcoin mining millionaire! He shares with us his life, passion and hobbies which include playing the Super Seducer game, investing in Ghost Gunner, managing PandaBox and more!

This is episode 53 of the Flip Side, “$2,000,000 in Crypto at 19 Years Old w/ Curtis Chen”.

00:00 Intro
01:10 How I Met Curtis
02:10 Curtis’ Clubhouse
04:40 Who Is Curtis Chen
06:50 Why Curtis’ Flew To Sydney
08:33 The Curve Of Adaptation
10:00 What Australia Taught Curtis
11:20 How To Cheer Yourself Up
13:20 Curtis’ Entrepreneurial Journey
14:15 Bagel’s Finance
15:20 The Curious Case Of Curtis Chen
16:50 Effective Messaging Strategy
18:30 Find Yourself A Girlfriend
21:10 The Super Seducer
22:35 Standing Problem
24:05 Curtis’ Group Chats
24:55 Maccas Are Better In China
25:35 Micro Venture Capital
28:10 How To Stay Stable
30:10 How To Be A CEO
33:20 Consulting With Curtis
34:20 Keeping Yourself Happy
35:30 Mi Band Meditation Mode
36:20 Holding Your Breath
37:10 The Ghost Gunner 3
40:55 Industrial Grade Mining Container
42:20 The PandaBox Company
44:30 The Crypto Revolution
45:30 Bill Gates & Warren Buffet
46:15 Outro

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