The Flip Side #51 - BoredApe/Tory Lanez NFT & Drake vs Kanye w/ Kevin Khuu

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Jump into another thrilling episode of the Flip Side podcast with Andy, Krishn, and our special guest Kevin! In this episode, we talk a lot about NFTs, the BoredApe Project, CryptoPunks, CryptoZoo, and Tory Lanez NFT album. We also review Kanye West’s Donda album and compared it with Drake’s Certified Love Boy music. Lastly, Andy revealed his master plan while Krishn insists on creating the Australian NFT Regulation Organisation. This and more on episode 51 of the Flip Side!

00:00 Intro
01:00 Meet Our Special Guest Kevin
03:15 Who Is Kevin?
05:00 Happy Father’s Day
07:10 Joining The Rat Race
09:20 Andy’s Master Plan
13:00 Friends Are Everything
15:50 Hitting A Billion
17:35 People We Can Trust
18:25 The Real OG Friends
21:00 Big Week In Music
21:40 Kanye’s Donda vs Drake’s Certified Lover Boy
23:50 Joining A Cult
26:20 Donda’s Hidden Featured Artists
30:10 Being Honest
31:00 NFTs
31:35 The Bored Ape Project
34:10 Buy The Rumour, Sell The News
35:15 The Future Implications Of NFT
37:00 Axie Infinity
39:10 Tory Lanez’s NFT Album
40:10 Pay As You Use
41:10 When It’s Dark Limited Edition NFT Album
42:00 Streaming Music Platforms
43:10 Music NFTs
45:55 Fake Financial Crisis
46:15 NFTs In The VR World
47:10 Australian NFT Regulation Organisation
49:40 Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo
52:05 Crypto Memes
53:30 The Ethereum-NFT Connection
55:10 The Solana (SOL) Coin
57:40 Crypto Gas Fees
01:00:00 Business Class Experience
01:04:10 Buying A Private Jet
01:05:30 Owning A Yacht
01:06:10 Cryptocurrency Money Laundering
01:08:25 Outro

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