#91: The Science of Creativity & Imagination - Anna Abraham, PhD

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Dr. Anna Abraham is a psychologist and neuroscientist who investigates creativity and how we can optimize this key trait. She’s also a leading scholar on the study of human imagination.

On this episode, we discuss the key ingredients of a creative mind, how to become more creative, and how the brain can tell the difference between real and imaginary worlds.

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0:00 | Intro to Anna Abraham, PhD

1:44 | Imagination More Important Than Knowledge?

4:45 | Imagination Defined

7:53 | How We Experience Real vs. Imaginary Worlds

17:20 | Fiction Crossing Into Reality

21:35 | Overlap of Memory & Imagination

29:28 | Ingredients of a Creative Mind

42:08 | Ways to Build Creativity

48:35 | Predictors of Creativity

58:12 | Rapid Fire Questions

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