#81: Mind Control & Brain-Computer Interfaces - Ramses Alcaide, PhD

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Ramses Alcaide, PhD is an electrical engineer, neuroscientist, and CEO of Neurable, an innovative brain-computer interface company.

At Neurable, he is the inventor and primary developer of a brain-computer interface technology that is designed to turn human biometrics into actionable insights.

On this episode, we discuss his work at Neurable, how thoughts can be read by machines, and the benefits, ethical concerns, and future of brain-computer interface technology.

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Show Notes

0:00 | Introduction to Ramses Alcaide, PhD

3:20 | What is a Brain-Computer Interface?

5:34 | How a Brain Interfaces with a Machine

9:48 | How Thoughts are Read by Machines

13:48 | Enten EEG Headphones - How They Work

23:18 | Addressing BCI Concerns and Ethics

26:30 | Future of BCIs

35:28 | Can People Become too Reliant on BCIs?

40:33 | Rapid Fire Questions

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