Season Break: A Message from TFS

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The team at TFS would like to say thank you to all our listeners this season and to everyone who has listened in to our podcasts and read the blog! We are taking a short season break and we will return with some new and improved content in July! But keep an ear out for some special content we recorded last year at the AAS! Let’s keep in touch. Feel free to submit something to the blog, we’re always looking for content, and are keen to hear new voices. The submission guidelines are on our website at And if you haven’t already, join our Facebook Chats Group, ‘The Familiar Strange Chats’. Whether you’re an anthropologist, a student, or just anthro-interested, we’d love for you to join the conversation. Thank you again to all our listeners and readers who have enjoyed our content throughout this season. We hope you have a restful winter break, and we will see you in July. Until then, keep Talking Strange…

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