#266 : Enjoy Pain And Uncovering What Really Motivates You with Dr Jim Taylor

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In today's episode, we have Dr. Jim Taylor, a sports psychologist and author of Train Your Mind for Athletic Success. We will talk about the strategies for dealing with pain and figuring out what your motivations are. Tune in to this episode now.

00:58 Competed In The Super Sprint And Olympic Distance Triathlon 03:03 Strategies For Dealing With Pain 06:02 Exertion Pain And Injury Pain 08:51 Identity Plays A Role In How You Manage Pain 14:32 Discomfort VS Pain And Suffering 17:13 Associating Negative Emotions With Pain 18:51 Pride And Inspiration 21:51 What's Real Suffering? 23:38 Key Phrase: Long And Loose 26:11 Do A Long Warm-up 28:27 Distractions 30:28 Motivation: Less Ra Ra, More Insight 36:36 Constantly Remind Yourself Of What Your Goals Are 37:11 90% Of Success Is Just Showing Up 39:59 Don't Look At The End Of The Workout 41:57 Get In Touch with Dr. Jim Taylor

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