#261 : [Case Study] 2:20 to 1:39/100m In 6 Months with Brigetta Hamilton

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In today’s episode, we sat down with Brigetta Hamilton to talk about her impressive improvement over the last 6 months. Brigetta attended one of our clinics in May starting at 2:20 pace per 100. She got her time down to 1:48 and now she is at 1:39. Find out what she did to improve!

00:51 Swimming background 01:17 Were you able to swim comfortably without stopping when you started swimming? 03:02 Does your cycling background help with your swimming? 05:10 When you are working on going faster, what do you usually think? 11:15 Developing Intuition 14:34 Your feel for the water looks so much better 15:59 Rocking side to side and recovery 18:35 What's your next goal? 20:35 Try the sight and breathe method 21:23 When you relax, you swim better and quicker

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