Ai Automation Vs. Human Creativity: Exploring The Divide with Joshua B Lee

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In this conversation, Josh and Mark discuss the importance of automation and AI tools in marketing, as well as the importance of connecting with an audience on a human level. Josh explains that marketers should use AI tools to educate their audience rather than trick them into making a purchase. He also emphasizes the need to build a personal brand by creating content that sparks emotion in viewers. Josh suggests using polls, videos, and audio to engage with an audience and encourages marketers to be genuine when creating content. He also advises against perfectionism in marketing, as it can make viewers feel like they are being pitched or sold something. Ultimately, Josh emphasizes the importance of connecting with people on a human level in order to create lasting opportunities and legacy online.


  • The Human Revolution: Combining How Others See You And How You See Yourself
  • Understanding The Benefits Of Singapore Math And Ai For Education And Marketing
  • Relating Who You Are To Connect With Others
  • Connecting With Others Through Content: Balancing Personal And Professional
  • Getting Started With Social Media: Understanding Your Audience
  • Creating Advocates For Lasting Success: The Power Of Human Emotion


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