The Digestible Dynamics Podcast

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Welcome everyone, to the Digestible Dynamics Podcast!

If you are a business user looking to innovate with Microsoft technology, then the Digestible Dynamics podcast is for you. If you are a business executive looking to further leverage your Microsoft investment, then the Digestible Dynamics podcast is for you is for you. And if you're an IT Pro looking for pro-tips and tricks that the experts are using in the field, this podcast is for you.

The Digestible Dynamics Podcast is a dedicated to helping Business Applications innovators maximize their investment in Microsoft technology. We focus on providing content and value in short (7-10 minute) episodes. So, this means you can take us with you anywhere.

Each episode will feature a Microsoft Dynamics expert whose responsibility is to highlight business value for our customers.

The content from this podcast will be release weekly and it will help you learn the D365 platform in the context of transforming your business.

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