Hangover Food, Infrared Sauna for Anti-Aging, DST Review w/ Jared Freid - Boneless Wings & Onion Rings

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On this week's episode of The Diet Obsessed Podcast, I discuss my recent hangover and the only thing that would cure it, Smashburger with a side of Haystack Onion Strings, yum, yum!
Why can't I be like the people who crave a big salad when they have a hangover? Apparently it's just not in my DNA, but there are people who prefer a salad, so which type of person are you?
I then launch into a review of one of my favorite podcasts, "Diet Starts Tomorrow" with guest host Jared Freid. Jared gives a detailed review of his food experiences while doing a comedy show in Buffalo, NY...home of the Buffalo Wing.
The place he went ran out of true wings, so he ended up ordering "boneless wings" which are actually just chicken tenders. He provides all of the delicious food details I love, including: descriptions of dipping sauces, pizza logs, perfectly fried onion rings and how he managed to stop himself from eating until he was sick.
Other topics include, how to enjoy your workouts and does an infrared sauna, actually help with anti-aging? If these topics interest you, you will love this episode! Follow @thedietobsessedpodcast and don't forget to rate, review and subscribe!
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If these topics interest you, please follow/subscribe to "The Diet Obsessed Podcast" and don't forget to leave a rating and review!
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