Episode #189 - Whitesnake - Slide It In (US Release)

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The Deep Purple Podcast

Show Notes

Episode #189

Whitesnake - Slide It In (US Release)

November 28, 2022

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Lead up to the Album:

Core Band:

Bass – Neil Murray

Drums – Cozy Powell

Electric Guitar – John Sykes

Guitar – Micky Moody

Guitar, Vocals – Mel Galley

Keyboards – Jon Lord

Keyboards – Bill Cuomo

Vocals – David Coverdale


Producer, Mixed By – Martin Birch

Mixed By – Keith Olsen

keyboard parts by Bill Cuomo, differing from the original recording.

Mastered By – Greg Fulginiti

Album Art & Booklet Review

Artwork, Art Direction – Manfred Brey

Photography By – Jürgen Barron Reisch*

Thanks to Our Core Level Patrons:

Album Tracks:

Side One:

Slide It In (Coverdale)

Slow An’ Easy (Coverdale, Moody)

Love Ain’t No Stranger (Coverdale, Galley)

All Or Nothing (Coverdale, Galley)

Gambler (Coverdale, Galley)

Side Two:

Guilty Of Love (Coverdale)

Hungry For Love (Coverdale)

Give Me More Time (Coverdale, Galley)

Spit It Out (Coverdale, Galley)

Standing In The Shadow (Coverdale)

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Reception and Charts:

The Final Word:

Straight from David Coverdale.

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