Episode #161 - The Maze (M.I. Five)

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The Deep Purple Podcast

Show Notes

Episode #161

The Maze (M.I. Five)

May 16, 2022

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History of The Maze, Rod Evans, and Ian Paice

• Rod Evans - vocals

• Chris Banham - organ

• Eric 'Jack' Keene - bass

• Roger Lewis - guitar

• Ian Paice – drums

The Singles:


1. You'll Never Stop Me Loving You 00:00

2. Only Time Will Tell 03:32


3. Hello Stranger 05:46

4. Telephone 08:30

5. Aria Del Sud 11:04

6. Non Fatemio Odiar 14:53

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7. Harlem Shuffle 18:59

8. What Now 22:10

9. The Trap 25:25

10. I'm So Glad 29:10

11. Catari Catari 32:41

12. Easy Street 35:16

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Pre Purple People liner notes by Simon Robinson

Listen, Learn, Read On liner notes by Simon Robinson

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