Rosie Watson - How to Build a Sustainable Outdoor Community Post-Covid

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Rosie is a runner and climate activist. This episode is all about climate change and how the outdoor community can be more sustainable. We talk about: how the pandemic could be a good opportunity for a fresh start, individual versus big change, hypocrisy within our community, what we find aspirational, community effort and taking the emphasis away from individual action, flight shaming and why it doesn’t work, offsetting, green washing, brands and events, consumerism, social shaming versus community support and what athletes and influencers should be talking about. This is an honest conversation about the complexities of the human response to the climate crisis. I hope you enjoy and thanks for listening.

Here is an article Rosie wrote about this subject

Books by Mike Berners-Lee that Rosie has help to write

Rosie's blog about her running adventures to start conversations about climate activism

Other Resources:

- Article by Em Hartova about the problem with seeing the outdoors as a playground/escapism. It's called "Climate action means more than being outside wearing ethical clothes".

- An article that explains why 'ethical consumerism' isn't the answer

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