126 - Eclectic 18: James Day - Sounder Golf

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Co-founder of Sounder Golf, James Day joins Sam for a podcast about his Eclectic 18. The conversation is wide ranging; from turning pro at a young age, to becoming disenfranchised with the game in his early 20's, right through to his adventures in setting up Sounder Golf, and reviving the brand that was styled so brilliantly by Seve in the late 70's and early 80's. We cover a range of topics (not least of all his travel in the game and his outstanding eclectic 18). Listeners to this podcast receive 15% off at checkout with the code: COOKIEJAR so head over to Soundergolf.com and take a look if you're not familiar! We're big fans of what James, Cathal and the team are doing and hopefully this will inspire more people to take a closer look. A look at his eclectic 18:
Hole 1 - Merion (east)
Hole 2 - Rye
Hole 3 - Muirfield
Hole 4 - Spyglass Hill
Hole 5 - Royal North Devon
Hole 6 - Sunningdale (New)
Hole 7 - LA Country Club
Hole 8 - Pebble Beach
Hole 9 - Swinley Forest
Hole 10 - Pasatiempo
Hole 11 - Sunningdale (Old)
Hole 12 - Riviera
Hole 13 - MPCC (Shore)
Hole 14 - Friars Head
Hole 15 - North Berwick (West)
Hole 16 - Machrihanish Dunes
Hole 17 - The Old Course
Hole 18 - Secession
Par - 71 / Yardage = 6,456

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