121 - Eclectic 18: Richie Ramsay

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We're proud to host our first guest episode from our Eclectic 18 series, with three-timer on the pod Richie Ramsay. Some great stories going back through the day making up his favourite 18 holes!
Richie is a huge architecture buff, but even so he resisted the urge to pick solely on the basis of the holes, with many of them carrying special significance. His scorecard;
#1 Merion (east)
#2 Portstewart (strand)
#3 Castle Stuart
#4 Wentworth (west)
#5 Trump Dubai
#6 Carnoustie
#7 Crans-Sur-Sierre
#8 Royal Aberdeen
#9 Royal County Down
#10 Sunningdale (old)
#11 Royal Troon
#12 Augusta National
#13 Leopard Creek
#14 Loch Lomond
#15 Muirfield
#16 Royal Portrush
#17 The Old Course
#18 The Island
Par - 71 / Yardage - 6,622

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