099 - Babe Didrikson Zaharias: The Life & Legend w/ Susan Cayleff

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Babe Zaharias is a figure in the game with a career that is quite simply incredible. Her story is one of enormous achievement, not just in the game of golf but as a multi-discipline athlete. She overcame sexism and prejudice, she challenged stereotypes, she influenced the women's game in a way like no one else, and set records which still stand today. Susan Cayleff is a pulitzer prize nominee who has dedicated endless time to researching and documenting Babe's career, and this podcast gives you some colour and context around the rich tapestry of her life. Sadly, babe died at the tender age of 45, but it was a life rich in achievements. if you don't know about the story of Babe Zaharias, please listen to this podcast and find out more. She is someone we believe every golfer should know of.

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