College Football Week 3 Reaction Show (Ep. 843)

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The College Football Experience (@TCEonSGPN) on the Sports Gambling Podcast Network reacts to the crazy Week 3 college football slate. Pick Dundee aka (@TheColbyD) & Patty C (@PattyC831) recap all of the action and key in on a wild week of college football. Is Alabama still a tier above everybody? Will Bryce Young continue to improve? Did CJ Stroud and Ohio State struggle too much against the Tulsa Golden Hurricane? Did Mississippi State get robbed at Memphis? What does Dillon Gabriels injury mean for UCF? Did Cincinnati and Luke Fickell make a statement against Indiana? Is BYU under valued in the top 25? Are Ole Miss and North Carolina some of the top teams in the country? Can we officially say Clemson and Oklahoma are overrated? Did Notre Dame get back on track with a big win over Purdue? Is Penn State in the driver seat in the Big Ten East? Did Fresno State just ruin UCLA's season? What will Georgia look like once they play Arkansas? We talk it all on this episode of The College Football Experience.

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