The Favorites - NFL Week 13 Betting Preview

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With some tantalizing marquee matchups, this week's NFL slate is loaded with betting possibilities. Action Network hosts Chad Millman and Simon Hunter are here to preview the full board, and give some of their favorite early picks against the spread. The Bengals and Chiefs clash in an AFC showdown, while the 49ers and Dolphins look to silence doubters. Plus, we get a quick recap of Week 12 and check in on the viability of a Jacksonville AFC South ticket. #Volume #Herd #ColinCowherd

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1. BUF NE (00:07:14)

2. TENN PHL (00:10:42)

3. GB CHI (00:14:29)

4. JAX DET (00:16:45)

5. CLE HOU (00:22:37)

6. NYJ MIN (00:25:26)

7. PIT ATL (00:27:54)

8. DEN BAL (00:30:09)

9. WAS NYG (00:34:52)

10. SF MIA (00:36:46)

11. SEA LAR (00:40:52)

12. LAC LV (00:43:24)

13. CIN KC (00:45:31)

14. IND DAL (00:51:26)

15. NO TB (00:53:37)

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