021: Allen/Olzon: Veteran Duo - Part I

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Today’s conversation is made twice the fun as we feature two veteran vocalists, Russell Allen and Anette Olzon, who are legends on their own.

Russell Allen is known for his work with Symphony X and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Anette Olzon is known for her work with Nightwish. Russell and Anette recently collaborated and released their second album together, titled Army of Dreamers. Yet, it’s funny how these two fantastic artists had never met in person and never had a conversation before. And the way that they grow on each other as our tea time progresses is delightful to witness.

Also, I find it fascinating how fame affects people differently. Both Russell and Anette have toured the world. Although they’ve seen a lot in their career, they both seem to particularly love the moments at home, in peace and quiet, with their family. Russell is also creating a video game and he’s happy to have his kid test it out!

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Russell working as a knight at Medieval Times Dinner Theater
  • Improvising their performance to “save the day”
  • Exposing your kids to music education
  • Their experience collaborating on an album
  • How to approach recording without overtaxing your larynx
  • Using technology to produce something really cool

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Arrny of Dreamers


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