How podcasting could be the best thing you ever do

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This is the true story of Joe Casabona
Why would you ever pivot from a career where you were established, well-known, trusted and successful, into something where you were relatively unknown?
Well, a) because it's the one thing where you know you can make a huge difference, and b) however good you are now, you know that you can be better.
With a wife, a 3 month old baby, and being the soul household wage-earner, is it a good idea to quit your job and start a business? As it turns out, it's an excellent idea!
Joe tell us how becoming a podcast producer, coach and trainer has fuelled his career, bank balance and family.
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100% recommend Joe for all your podcasting training!
Trudie's links:
LinkedIn: @trudie-avery
YouTube: Brand New Business

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