From cancer to cake

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This is the story of Julia Brightman
When having stage 3 breast cancer loses you the job in the Civil Service that you have had for 30 years… When you’ve been made to feel humiliated and useless for your illness…

What do you do? You get angry? Upset? Or do you get on with living? You beat cancer and create the life and career that you dreamed of when you left school!

Julia decided to follow her passion and start a catering business, one that was just starting to flourish when COVID struck and obliterated her order book overnight!

But she got up again!

With a bit of ingenuity, creativity, courage and support from her family, Julia’s passion, determination and kindness are taking her and her business to levels she never dared to dream she would be capable of.

LinkedIn: Julia Brightman
Facebook: Creme Brew Lait
Instagram: cremebrewlaitcatering
Trudie's links:
LinkedIn: @trudie-avery
YouTube: Brand New Business

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